Terminus:Rocznik VII (2005), zeszyt 1-2 (12-13)
Dział:rozprawy i przyczynki
Autorzy: Jakub Koryl 
Tytuł:Praesentia Erasmi in Hosii litteris, czyli o erazmianizmie Stanisława Hozjusza

The article by Jakub Koryl “Praesentia Erasmi in Hosii litteris or on Stanisław Hozjusz’s erasmianism” presents selected questions from Hozjusz’s poems as an example of Polish erasmianism in the beginning of XVIth century. This problem hasn’t received any attention in the literature of the subject yet, so it is also an attempt to bring near the forgotten figure of Stanisław Hozjusz as a poet. The author gives a panorama of literary life of that period, and then locates the works of Hozjusz against its general and, most of all, intertextual background, including such authors like Erasmus, Coxe or Cognatus. Especially Erasmus’ letters were quoted to show how absorbent was Hozjusz and his generation. For that reason author of the article tried to make references to variety of texts by Erasmus and to apply them in the creation of a complex, multi-layer structure of meanings in Hozjusz’s poems. An abundance of quotations from Hozjusz’s and others works illustrates then problems such as a topic, influences between Polish and European literature, figure of Erasmus as a source of innumerable associations and inspirations, humanistic phraseology and style. Finally it is a description of the attitude of the Renaissance people, reception and acquaintance of literary tradition.