Terminus:Rocznik VII (2005), zeszyt 1-2 (12-13)
Dział:rozprawy i przyczynki
Autorzy: Roma Sendyka 
Tytuł:Metodologiczny renesans… Literatura jako przedmiot studiów kulturowych w nowym historycyzmie (poetyce kulturowej). Część 1

New Historicism (cultural poetics) came into prominence only two decades ago and at the beginning of the new century this interdisciplinary movement seems to play a key role among the most influential interpretative methodologies. It has raised numerous commentaries as well as critiques and the huge corpus of different statements is now not easy to summarize. For the practices of cultural poetics are equally various and heterogeneous the task to present a brief outline of the new historicists’ most typical methods and the most important assumptions seems to be impossible to perform. Nevertheless, the focus of the article is to develop an account of practices of cultural poetics as a brief introduction into an interpretational movement that until now did not catch much attention in Poland. The text offers several explanations for why Greenblatt’s new methodology attracts so much attention, recalls its ancestors, names its allies and opponents and leaves some space also for the voices of its critics.