Terminus:Rocznik VI (2004), zeszyt 1 (10)
Dział:rozprawy i przyczynki
Autorzy: Grzegorz Nowakowski 
Tytuł:Laura Petrarki. W labiryncie spojrzeń
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AbstraktThe author of the article Petrarch's Laura. In the labyrinth of glances raises the problem of seeing and the manner it is treated in the sonnets devoted to Laura. The eye of the one in love – the eye of the beloved; this dichotomy is the source of energy vibrating in Petrarch's poems. We touch upon the visual imagination, which seems in Petrarcan sonnets to be founded on constantly recurring to the moment of the first meeting. Recognition, epiphany, when the glance falls into the precipice of love, is the point of reference for the later descriptions of Laura. Petrarcan eye is in continual accomodation, incessantly adapting to viewing the beloved woman. In his article, the author examines the interplay of the crossing glances, which takes place exclusively on the poet's inner territory. Followed by this eye, Laura undergoes an anamorphosis, as Petrarcan glance comes back and wanders inside his soul.