Terminus:Rocznik VI (2004), zeszyt 2 (11)
Dział:rozprawy i przyczynki
Autorzy: Giovanna Brogi Bercoff 
Tytuł:Niepublikowany wiersz Stefana Jaworskiego?
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AbstraktIn this article a Polish poem dedicated to the Virgin Mary is published for the first time from a book belonging to Stefan Javors’kyj. The handwriting ndicates beyond any doubt that the poem was written down on a blank page of the printed book by the Ukrainian poet, probably when he was still a student at one of the Polish Jesuit colleges or soon after he returned to Kyiv. The possibility may not be excluded that Stefan copied the poem from a collection of an author unknown to us, or translated it from Latin. However, linguistic and stylistic features rather suggest that Stefan himself is to be considered the author of the poem.